Hey, guys! It's me! Lilyclaws1616! I am writing this blog, because I want to tell people what I thinkabout the books! First, a question that has been bugging me ever since I read the first book? It may or may not of been bugging you. WHich twin is older? Then I read the third on and Bree tells Connor that they will be on the plane for twelve hours and CHrist Colfer was born and raised in Calafornia so my theory is that the twins lived in Calafornia and I thin COnnor is the older twin but then again, it seems like Christ Colfer favors Alex. But it dosn't mean he dosn't like COnnor who is very likeable. Second, after I read the second book I thought, Does Alex care for her "dead" father more than her own twin brother? Then I read the third one and thought,  Oh, being in the land of stories filed the hole.THen I thought, Well, then dosn't missing her brother leave another hole. THen when I finished the book and thought, No more holes but a mystery is lurking in them now. HOW IS THEIR DAD IS ALIVE! HE DIED!

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