The Land Of Stories is a dimension where fairy tales are real. Time used to travel much slower than on Earth until Alex and Conner Bailey, the first children born belonging to both worlds, were born. It is divided into kingdoms, a bay, and territories.

History Edit

The two worlds used to be completely separate until the Fairy Godmother discovered a portal to Earth during the Middle Ages. War and destruction were everywhere, so the Fairy Godmother began to spread stories about her world to the children, such as the stories of Cinderella and Rapunzel. The stories became known as fairy tales. Centuries later, Alex and Conner Bailey were born. They were the first children belonging in both worlds, so time in both worlds became the same.

Kingdoms and their Rulers Edit

The Land of Stories is divided into kingdoms and territories, listed below with their current rulers:

  • The Northern Kingdom- ruled by Queen Snow White and King Charming
  • The Eastern Kingdom- ruled by Queen Sleeping Beauty and King Charming
  • The Charming Kingdom- ruled by Queen Cinderella and King Charming
  • The Red Riding Hood Kingdom- ruled by Queen Red Riding Hood and possibly Froggy.
  • The Corner Kingdom- ruled by Queen Rapunzel
  • The Fairy Kingdom- ruled by Emeralda and her Fairy Council
  • The Troll and Goblin Territory- Ruled by Queen Trollbella
  • The Elf Empire- Elvina