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The Sleeping Curse is a spell put on Sleeping Beauty and her kingdom, causing everyone inside the kingdom to fall into a hundred years' sleep when Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger on a spindle.

In the traditional fairy tale, the princess is cursed to die by a malevolent fairy at her christening, but another fairy is able to weaken the curse. The curse is then broken by Prince Charming, whose kiss wakes the princess.

Use in The Land of Stories Edit

The curse is cast by the Evil Enchantress Ezmia. She has held a grudge against the royal family of the Eastern Kingdom for decades, first cursing the old King for not returning her feelings and falling in love with a spinner girl instead of with her, then cursing his son so he would only fall in love with a woman who could spin gold out of hay, and finally, cursing his granddaughter so she would die when she pricked herself on a spinning wheel.[1] This curse was weakened by a fairy, turning it into the Sleeping Curse instead. The Fairy Godmother was able to convert the spell.[2]

After-Affects Edit

The Wishing Spell takes place after the traditional fairy tale ends and Queen Sleeping Beauty and her kingdom has been awakened. She has married Prince Charming and now leads the Sleeping Kingdom. As an after-effect of the spell, its inhabitants still have trouble keeping awake. The kingdom is overgrown with weeds and thrornbushes and the farmlands are badly tended. Queen Sleeping Beauty vows not to sleep again until her kingdom has recovered. It takes 'over a decade'.[3] At the beginning of The Enchantress Returns, this has been accomplished and, with much celebration, the Sleeping Kingdom is renamed the Eastern Kingdom.

In The Enchantress Returns, Ezmia makes the thornbushes grow back in order to imprison and dishearten the people of the Eastern Kingdom.[4]

In A Grimm Warning, Alex meets Rook, a young man from the Eastern Kingdom. He tells her how he's actually 115 years old- he was a young boy when the kingdom fell under the spell. He and his father were asleep for a hundred years. Rook's mother and brother, who were across the border in another kingdom as the spell was activated, were not affected, and grew old and died while they were asleep.[5]

Sleeping Beauty also mentions how she, along with many other women who were affected by the curse, are unable to have children.[6]

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