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Farmer Robins is an original character from the Land of Stories series. He first appears in chapter 2 of A Grimm Warning. He is a farmer from the Eastern Kingdom and the father of Rook. He is taken prisoner by the Grande Armée together with Rook and the rest of their village, and when he is severely wounded, Rook makes a deal with General Marquis to save his father.[1]

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Farmer Robins is helped by Alex twice; once before the events of A Grimm Warning take place (she put up a magical fence made out of vines and leaves around his yard, which didn't help to keep any animals out because they are it all), and once as she helps build a new fence by hand.[2]

Robins is wary of magic, which is probably not just because of Alex' attempts to help him. As a citizen of the Eastern Kingdom (formerly Sleeping Kingdom), he and his son had been under the Sleeping Curse for a hundred years. His wife and other son, who were across the border in another kingdom as the spell was activated, were not affected, and grew old and died while they were asleep.[3]

After the battle, Alex advises Rook to take his father to the healer Hagetta to take care of his wounds. It is not described if they actually go, or what his father thinks about being healed by magic.[4]

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"We don't want your help and we don't need it. I know your people solve everything with just a flick of your wrist, but people like us know how to take care of ourselves. So please go turn a maid into a princess somewhee before I do or say something I'll regret."[5]

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